Learning. Investing. Partnering.

Interested in making some money from property, but no idea where to begin? Would you rather try it out with someone else before jumping in alone, or want a more 'hands-off' approach? My Property and Home could be just what you're after.

There are many options for how we could work together. For example:


  • Learning: Use me, my contacts and my experience in property to learn how it all works before giving it a go yourself.


  • Investing: Want to make money from property, but don't want the hard work that goes with it? Then invest your money in my projects. A bigger pot of money to invest from allows us to buy bigger and better property projects, resulting in bigger returns for all investors!


  • Partnering: Maybe you're great at sourcing properties, have great architect contacts, or just want to share the workload and the success with someone. Then let's work together to create some great projects.

If you are interested in working with My Property and Home then please Contact Us.

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