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Our first property development project was a 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom house on the corner plot next to our existing Plaistow property. It offered great returns and was a fantastic property investment. The new build was an outstanding success, and was shortlisted as a finalist for the Architect's Journal Small Projects Award 2018 from hundreds of applicants. The Small Projects Award celebrates the best sustainable and progressive design projects across the UK with a contract value of less than £250k.

The property’s spacious design and bold contrasting colours from architects Office S & M meant that it also generated significant press interest, including articles in the RIBA Journal, the Evening Standard, Grand Designs magazine, ArchDaily, and many more. The Architect’s Journal and the RIBA Journal also selected the property for the front cover of their magazine. The property has regularly featured in London’s Open House programme. 

Profit on Cost: 34%

Profit on GDV: 25%

2020 value: £500,000

Rental yield: 6.3%

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